My emotions can only be expressed with emoticons right now because after a day of gloom and rain, this came out for about 10 minutes and now the skies are grey and gloomy again. I can't even    Sydney is beautiful. Cheers to a beautiful autumn 🍁  Xx Simran  


On a birthday, it's tradition for one to make a wish for whatever they want. We ALL know that I'm praying for my sanity to remain intact over the next coming week with exams and also for the remaining aspect of the HSC until November 2 2015. Celebrating a very low key ageing today with the … Continue reading XVII


My sanity is depleting. Oh the joys of getting up at 3am to study for exams 😶😶 it is also quite cold right now. According to the snapchat thermometer sensor thing, it's about 7 degrees outside. Fun.     I've created a new #highfashion trend with my unruly curly hair (curse winter) and this statement blanket … Continue reading ⛄️