My emotions can only be expressed with emoticons right now because after a day of gloom and rain, this came out for about 10 minutes and now the skies are grey and gloomy again. I can’t even 

Sydney is beautiful. Cheers to a beautiful autumn 🍁 

Xx Simran  


On a birthday, it’s tradition for one to make a wish for whatever they want. We ALL know that I’m praying for my sanity to remain intact over the next coming week with exams and also for the remaining aspect of the HSC until November 2 2015.


Celebrating a very low key ageing today with the favourites like Yeats and Newton (cheers calculus hehehe) and Brezhnev and Kissenger lel. (please have mercy on my soul, oh powerful Hindu deities. All 6 million of you).


Indulging in possibly the nicest mousse/cake combo I’ve ever had, courtesy of my favourite sister (: HSC weight gain but whatever. I think I’ll lose it all when I pace around my room, madly learning things about Yeats and the Federal budget. 


I think 17 is quite an unaesthetic number to be completely honest but life. Eh. One more year until I’m an actual adult and that scares me so much. I don’t think I’m anywhere near as mature as I should be considering I have to make life choices essentially about my future.

Soo now I guess I’m gonna get back to learning about Yeats’ apocalyptic visions of the Second Coming and his ambivalence in Easter 1916 and then celebrate heaps when I’m done with these damn exams (see that assonance? it shows the abject boredom the individual feels at understanding why Yeats did what he did, when the individual has no interest in Modernist texts) are over. I need to stop being so sarcastic about Yeats. Lots of people like him but nahh. Either pure classic or pure contemporary for me thanks.

xx Simran 🎂🎈🎉

The time I got a tattoo

Today has been a lot of fun. I’m exhausted to the bone but it’s been so much fun. NSG had their annual charities day today, which meant a crap load of food, games, drinks beauty and our annual talent show, with all funds raised going to different charities.

First things first was the year 12 run talent show. I haven’t laughed so much or screamed and cheered on or danced as much as today. At one point, I had tears streaming down my face in laughter because one of my absolute favourite teachers at NSG, Mr McMahon, graced our school as a judge and his commentary made my day. Year 12 shook their booties to a ton of music in our dance number and to be completely honest, this has been the best talent show I’ve seen at NSG. I was actually blown away by the talent our school possesses.

After that enthralling two hour-ish show, we spent a lot of money on food, drinks and all these little games, all in the name of charity. We played twister, I confirmed my ability to use chopsticks in a race against time to eat Malteasers with chop sticks and we ate delicious things like churros and tacos. And of course, we danced like fools to all the music blasting. Can I just say that I’ve rekindled my addiction to listening to Circus by Britney Spears (she was queen)

But what takes the crown is this:


So.. I joined the glitter bomb, golden angel gang with my arrows being menacing and my feather just shining obnoxiously in your face. I actually really like how these tattoos turned out :’)


Two of my closest friends and I now joined by a temporary bling stamp. We’re unstoppable. We’re officially members of the glitter cult.

Charities day was quite fun. I have a wrecked voice from cheering and laughing so much but eh. Life.

As I headed up to the library to study before extension history, I saw bubbles floating around the school and I couldn’t resist. I have an affinity for pretty things. It can’t be helped :’)


I’m exhausted right now but there is so much work to do before exams so now it’s time to study. Cheers year 12. Can’t wait until you are over.

xx Simran


My sanity is depleting. Oh the joys of getting up at 3am to study for exams 😶😶 it is also quite cold right now. According to the snapchat thermometer sensor thing, it’s about 7 degrees outside. Fun. 

I’ve created a new #highfashion trend with my unruly curly hair (curse winter) and this statement blanket essentially making me a mummy on my chair and providing the me warmth and comfort William Butler Yeats sucks out of me. 

Cheers to year 12. Counting down the days until I can travel and explore the world and work. 

Xx Simran 

That moment when

That moment when you take your study of William Butler Yeats’ poem “Leda and the Swan” as a reason to go and re-watch Troy. My Saturday evenings are so well spent. But Brad Pitt as Achilles is  👌and don’t even get me started on Orlando Bloom even though Paris screws things up. He’s still damn fine in high definition on my screen.

xx Simran


We’re cool. We’re fabulous. We’re NSG ’15. Biggest love for my grade, group and friends ♡♡♡♡♡


The Mr Men and Little Misses. I think we’re all pretty on point






NSG “15 KILLED IT WITH MUCK UP PHOTOS. SO MUCH LOVE FOR THIS GRADE. We had everything from Slenderman to Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey and Julie Bishop and even Captain Jack Sparrow. So much love for this grade I can’t even. Muck up was a lot of fun. Stressful but a lot of fun during the whole of lunch, where we ran around taking tons of photos with everyone.

xx Simran