Cheers to the goddamn Board of Studies for giving me a very shit timetable for my final exams. YAY for my brain deteriorating into a crumpled mess on the floor. Thanks BOSTES!

While my exams are in October, I feel the need to already prep myself for the onslaught of torture that will be chucked at me. I’m especially excited about having two of the most mentally challenging exams – Modern History and Extension One Maths on the same day, 40 minutes apart. Thanks for looking out for my mental well being BOSTES! I guess the spread of exams isn’t too bad, but I have 6 exams that are consecutive, the crown being handed to my double whammy on the 26th of October with a shit ton of history and a shit ton of algebra.

I can’t wait for HSC to be over. Let me just please get my desired ATAR so I can go on to study a degree of either pure economics or a combined in economics.

Praying for myself to pull through until November 2nd when at 12:30 pm, I will be a free child. And on a side note, I’ll finally be able to break up with my clingy boyfriend, the HSC!! I’m in high spirits and I’m motivated and I just need to keep on going, battling this educationally abhorrent creature that loves denoting who we are to a number. I know that with hard work and dedication that I’ve employed for half of my battle through year 12, I can achieve my goals and aspirations. I’m ready to flipping bring it.

xx Simran

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