My last day of freedom until November

Isn’t it lovely how the rainy and bleak weather corresponds with my mood? It’s the last day of the Autumn holidays and tomorrow I return to school. Fun. It marks having basically 100 school days of year 12 left which is really quite terrifying.

And right now, it’s bloody freezing. It’s rainy and the cockatoos are on the patio making a mess so they can escape the wind and rain and gah. I don’t want to go to school honestly. I like my house (:

But nostalgia and feeling aside, I am currently decked out in a onesie to keep warm. I transformed into a bee to keep warm. Damn Sydney. Not even Winter and the weather has already become awful

IMG_2163 IMG_2164

Also because I like spoiling myself on my last days of freedom, I made dark chocolate chip buttermilk pancakes with cinnamon and served with fresh berries from scratch. I haven’t had pancakes in so long and oh my god they taste flipping amazing. And obviously because it’s the morning, I made myself a cp of tea to accompany the brekkie I dove into. So good.


There is chocolate all over my plate from the pancakes but I can’t bring myself to care because the smell of hot pancakes is filling my room and I have no words. So much goodness. Not very healthy but whatever. It’s freezing and I now have a food baby. Cheers to Winter and lovely breakfasts!

So now the plan is to watch movies and cry about the freedom I’m losing until November. Cheers to the HSC and year 12. I really want to graduate now so I can travel and work and do the good things in life. I want to experience more and travel the world. My wanderlust is real.

xx Simran

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