It’s been quite a bleak beginning to my Autumn holidays, Beautiful but bleak nonetheless. Especially when it’s been raining continuously. But this is perfect weather for cuddling with bae (my bed) and drinking tea and hot chocolate and watching long Bollywood films to bring back all the feelings.

I don’t know where I’m going with this post.


Anyway, today has been pretty crazy. We went out for breakfast this morning because why not, but the morning was potentially the cutest thing I’d ever witnessed.


First things first, let us admire the I woke up like this look. There was a lot of UV from the sunrise because it wasn’t raining and therefore I looked very washed out. But lets be real, I’m not complaining because my gross skin from the stress of school is hidden and the eye bags building themselves a home under the eyes aren’t that noticeable. 

After deciding to finally come down and chill with the rest of the fam bam, we were interrupted mid conversation by the landing of the resident bird. Richard, when he’s wet and col
d, is so adorable. So naturally, we had to feed our baby because he’s a bit silly. But first, before he came to me to get the seeds I held in my hands, he decided to put on a modelling show, showing off his ‘wet’ look. So much cuteness in him I couldn’t even.


He is actually my favourite bird at the moment. So much love for this goofy, adorable baby that comes to visit us everyday and wreak havoc on our plants.

After my morning adventures, fawning over Richard, we finally head off to have breakfast. And let me just tell you, I haven’t had such a delicious breakfast in a long, long time. My breakfasts before school usually include a smoothie with oats, almonds, flax seeds, milk and various fruit; and an egg or a piece of toast. What I consumed this morning was heavenly.

I also want to signal boost “The Missing Piece”. This is a vintage, artsy cafe nestled away in Macquarie and it’s so so so cute. The staff were absolutely lovely and the service was fantastic and holy crap the food. I actually give this place a 7/5 because damn I haven’t had such a delicious breakfast in a while.


Naturally to warm up after coming out of 13 degree conditions (It was so cold in the morning. All this wind and rain had Sydney temps dropping faster than my jaw when I see Theo James). Mochas are my go to coffee. I don’t like a lot of varieties of mocha, but I will always have a mocha if I’m feeling cold or need happiness in my life. It isn’t about the caffeine. It’s about the sense of homeliness having a hot drink influences. Also, I’ve decided to join a barista class after I finish my HSC. I want to turn my love for coffee into something productive. I also want to make incredible latte art.  


For breakfast, I got what the menu called: “It’s spelt s-p-e-l-t” – a piece of spelt fruit toast topped with ricotta, walnuts and honey. It was literal heaven in my mouth. I love sweet breakfasts and this definitely topped the charts in my book. So much flavour and deliciousness, and the combination of fruity bread and ricotta coursed happiness through my veins, So delicious. 


Just for added love, my sister, who prefers savoury breakfasts got the above. It had haloumi, avocado and some other delicious things that I can’t remember because I was too busy dying and going to heaven from my own food.

ANYWAY, food comas aside, brekkie was awesome and I was so full after that we decided to go shopping to help keep us awake after the deliciousness. It it had been warmer, I would have definitely tried their milkshakes. The presentation and list of flavours and combinations sounded incredible. I know this isn’t the only time I’ll be going in the holidays. I’m very keen for another trip.

Holidays have also meant going to watch and catch up on my extensive list of films. When term ended on Thursday, one of my close mates and I went to watch Insurgent, the second part of the four part series by Veronica Roth. Let me just say right now that Theo James, the gorgeous man who plays the character “Four” is a sex god. I cannot even with how gorgeous he is. He’s just been added to an already burgeoning list of celebrity crushes I have and I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. But whatever.

Behold his glory:

theo-james-divergent-actor-photossw6theo-james-ss02 anigif_enhanced-15261-1418764720-15 anigif_enhanced-buzz-12105-1427414385-22

You get my drift.

It’s going to be a jam-packed Autumn break and I’m ready to bring it. My game needs to be on point to smash the HSC and I’ve never felt better about it.

xx Simi

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