I have a profound distaste for cricket. I dislike the sport, I think it’s dry and boring and I cannot stand Michael Clarke’s face. I would much rather admire Federer’s fine form on the tennis court, or cheer on Dan Carter as he leads my boys the All Blacks to countless victories and of course ogle at Ronaldo and Neymar because they are damn fine on and off the pitch. BUT I SWEAR TO EVERY DIETY IN THE HINDU CULTURE THAT IF INDIA LOSES THE SEMI FINAL TO AUSTRALIA, I’M GOING TO LOSE FAITH IN A LOT OF THINGS. I CANNOT HANDLE THE DISAPPOINTMENT WHEN STRESSES ARE HIGH. DAMMIT SHARMA AND KOHLI GIVE ME THE SATISFACTION OF SEEING THE DISAPPOINTMENT OF AUSTRALIA LOSING IN A SPORT WE ALL KNOW INDIA IS FANTASTIC IN.


xx Simi

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