I have a profound distaste for cricket. I dislike the sport, I think it's dry and boring and I cannot stand Michael Clarke's face. I would much rather admire Federer's fine form on the tennis court, or cheer on Dan Carter as he leads my boys the All Blacks to countless victories and of course … Continue reading REAL TALK


When there is a spectrum of colours across the evening sky, the next best thing to do after ogling at nature's beauty is to try and capture even a Andre of its beauty:      I dream about living in other cities but truth be told, where will I find such daily beauty in my life?Xx Simi 


Praise the mighty lords because I finished my midcourse alive (ish) and well. Still sick but that is ok haha. I'll power through (: Clearly I am overjoyed to have finished half of year 12. xx Simi

Modern day romantic antics 

Studying for my extension one mathematics exam on Friday just got next level romantic. Sitting by torchlight and falling heart first into the simple joys integration. I'm so glad I studied for my modern history exam which is tomorrow, this afternoon Xx Simi 

To be honest 

I'm being quite frank when I say it's impossible to focus when Sydney skies are so on point. How am I meant to learn and revise for modern history and English and maths and economics when my skies look like this? The sky looks like mango and peach sorbet 😍 Xx Simi