Singles Awareness Day (:

It’s been an enjoyable singles awareness day today! I got drenched trying to take a snapshot of the skyline outside my window as it poured with rain (look below).


The blueness amazes me. We always expect rainy skies to be grey, but no. This is beautiful.Β 

I spent time procrastinating by painting my nails and then getting creative with the lighting in my bedroom and lip stain (I tried below (: )


After having a sister bonding evening which included kicking the parents out early so they could go and enjoy their Valentines Day, we shared the most delicious dessert – caramel and custard tarts with almonds (below)


And finally, as the tempo of BeyoncΓ©’s Crazy In Love from 50 Shades (While I absolutely adore the song because it sounds so sexy and jazzy and oh my gosh, I do not in any way condone what has been created into film. 50 Shades should never have been created into a for a multitude of reasons) pulses through my room, with its sexy thrum mixing with the soft pattering of rain, I sit reading through my notes and major works for each historian I plan to use for my History extension major work (below)


It’s been a pretty decent single’s awareness day I think. I also need to start thinking about year 12 formal and ugh the struggles are real because I want to ask one of my really really close friends, who is an absolute gentleman and sweetheart and he’s so ideal to formal but I’m so shy and I can’t even. Life struggles truly.

xx Simi

From my bedroom window

The storm’s imminent arrival is upon me. Tonight, I’ll allow nature to take over. It’s been a while since I enjoyed the rain or a storm.

IMG_1689-0 To be frank, I should start an album titled things outside my window because I make so many posts about the sunsets and skies, dazzling birds and cute cockatoos. Maybe I will (: Xx Simi

Saturday night loves


While the family enjoys themselves at various functions and parties tonight, I find my fire and excitement with this ^

Currently on a date with the long time boyfriend Shakespeare.


I want to cry in anguish because I hate The Tempest with a passion. It’s one of the lesser plays in my opinion and all that crap about discovery (I love your abilities to ruin our lives BOARD OF STUDIES) is ruining me. I wanted to study Hamlet or Julius Caesar but no 😦 it’s ok. At least I have reprieve with Metropolis and 1984

Oh how I love Saturdays

Xx Simi