I’m oddly reflective this week. The week has been… crazy in the least. I’ve been in the mood to take a holiday but let’s be real. That isn’t happening for at least another 12 months so all I can do now is dream and pull myself from reality into an imaginary place of peace and serenity.

IMG_6154 IMG_1754

Tassie ’13


Melbourne ’13


Botanical Gardens ’14


The Ruins of Hampi ’13 – ’14


The Ruins of Hampi ’13 – ’14 IMG_1110

Botanical Gardens (Spring) ’14


Coogee ’14

Waiting for these academic endeavours to slow down so I can return to (some of) these marvellous places and find myself once again. Right now, I’m stuck in the whirlwind of paper, pens, assessments, meetings and life. Fun.

xx Simi

Posted by:__simran_

Big dreams often come in small frames.

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