Year 12 and stuff

It is my last night of freedom.

I’m also exaggerating a lot.

Tonight is the last night of my holidays which I am positively gutted over. The two weeks went by too fast and now the next break is in 11 weeks and that’ll be summer vacay. Tomorrow is my first day of year 12. The first day of my senior year. HAHA sorry that sounded so weird. Americanisms sound so foreign on the Australian tongue. It’s the first day of my last year at high school and I’m ready to work my arse off, do the best I can, get where I want to be, and most importantly have a blast.

My holidays were awesome as expected. In the midst of Justin sex god Timberlake being one of the highlights of my holidays, I had so much fun with a lot of old friends, catching up and revisiting our fondest memories. I trekked it around the city and explored new areas of Sydney with my mates and of course went to countless family friend events because why not. I also got my license so now I’m certified to be on the road. Watch out hehe. I’m ready to drive 10 km an hour. Just to name a few of the exciting things I did in the 14 days 🙂

Something I’m positively beaming about is the truckload of Hindu festivities that are coming our way. Festivities mean so much colour and light and decoration around our house. It means revisiting the culture and religion I love and learn about so much every year. And of course, festivities mean delicious food. Namely sweets. Mum has begun making the most delicious foods and it is definitely a lie to say that I don’t have an eating game plan ready. I’m so ready for the most delicious Indian food. This is my jam 🙂


Anyway, I need to go cry over my lost freedom and pack my folder and begin once again, another school year and the trek that comes with it. It sounds so weird to say begin a school year in october because we begin in January but the HSC terms are weird.

xx Simi

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