Textures of nature

Over the weekend, the family decided to take a relaxing, soul searching journey to some of the best places of nature NSW has to offer. Over Saturday, we endured long car drives to reach firstly Mount Tomah, and then continue on to Katoomba and the heart of the Blue Mountains. On Sunday, we decided to take a different angle and travel to the East, having to endure only a 20 minute car ride to the heart of the Eastern suburbs, spending the morning in Coogee, and then of course, entering the heart of Sydney for a spot of retail therapy.

What struck me the most over the weekend was the texture of nature however. It’s a weird phrase when read because what is nature’s texture? That’s something I can’t describe myself, but being immersed with the various flora and fauna in Mount Tomah on Saturday brought me to an epiphany. As we walked through the Botanical gardens, enjoying the overcast albeit sunny day where the grass looked greener and the vibrant Waratah hues looked even more vibrant, I realised how much we speed our lives up. We never take the time to sit and cherish the moment. And of course, our reason for this that time is a thief and from the moment of birth, it is a race to find fulfilment and create an enriching lifestyle. I know this myself, because I consistently find myself mourning for the fact that IF I HAD MORE TIME, I COULD DO THAT OR THIS… It’s a natural feeling. But, leading back off my tangent, I realised the power of nature, its different smells, sights and ability to draw us out from the fastidious nature of our lives where we select the best things to do to find enrichment before we aren’t there. Walking around Mount Tomah on Saturday allowed me to slow down, and most importantly reflect. And this was all done because I could allow myself to relax and find myself melting with the textures of nature, whether it be the vibrant colours or the overwhelming perfumes from each flower we were surrounded by. And it felt incredible. Being allowed to be in control of time for that period felt so good.


IMG_0007_2 IMG_0030_2 IMG_0033 IMG_0050

A minuscule selection of the photos we took at Mount Tomah. Some of my favourites of course.

Next, we drove an hour into the heart of the Blue Mountains and decided to explore Katoomba and the various sceneries surrounding one of the cutest and most picturesque towns I have ever seen. The distinction of living in the city with massive houses and apartment blocks to seeing small vintage cottages really hits you when you travel out of suburban Sydney.

IMG_0054_2 IMG_0049_2 IMG_1142

My three sisters of course just chilling

Sunday was on a completely different wavelength. Sunday was about bright, bold colours and lots of laughter and noise and fun. We headed to Coogee for a late brekkie at one of the cutest, vintage cafes I’ve ever been to. (If you’re ever in Coogee, ensure you check out Black Pony Cafe). The food was simply delicious and oh my gosh my love for sweet breakfasts will remain strong. I also found out that grilled banana is quite delicious, contrary to what I thought it’d taste like. Textures of nature at its finest.

We then took a stroll on Coogee beach to get the food digesting. Beaches in Sydney are some, if not the finest beaches in the world. Pristine sand ranging from white to golden tan depending on the beach, and the water is always a marvellous sight.

IMG_1141 IMG_1132

IMG_1130 IMG_1137

And of course, the textures of nature strike again.

WOW THAT WAS VERY LONG. Anyways, I had to share my nature adventures with the world because nature is so incredible and surprising. Nature always has a new face to it with our ever changing Earth and it’s incredible.

In other news, nothing much has been happening. Mainly sleeping, eating and exercising, oh and talking a hell of a lot to my mates. It’s the holidays, this is the life. I’m so freaking excited for Wednesday evening because it’s the Justin Timberlake concert and ermahgerd he’s so grhugnruiewo words don’t and can’t describe how brilliant a performer Justin Timberlake is.

Emotions are running a bit high. I’m super excited for the upcoming week.

xx Simi

Year 11! That’s a wrap

My emotions are running a bit high right now. It’s weird because I’m not even graduating yet I feel so emotional.

Today was the last day of year 11. I have 15 days before I become a year 12, I claim top spot on our high school food chain and I battle it out for my ATAR to get into university.

This week has been a blur. From Monday to Wednesday, it was a mass of crazy and chaos as we transformed the rather mundane school hall into a wondrous circus themed tent for the year 12 Luncheon, with a theme suitably dubbed the Midnight’s Circus. So much blood, sweat and tears went into the luncheon. We worked from Saturday to Wednesday morning non stop, decorating, prepping, dancing, singing and doing everything in our vested power to make the year 12 luncheon a truly special occasion.

And I must say, we blew the year 12s and teachers away.


The hall fully decorated for the luncheon

ghruie hfeirufheiruw

The backdrop for the stage

The pride I have to be part of such a talented, cohesive, banded, intelligent, amazing cohort who support and love each other is immeasurable.


Sorry for the freakish make up. The top photo is of one of my closest friends and I, half way through getting our makeup and hair done. We look kinda scary. The polaroid on the bottom is of Charmaine and I. Llama and Simba 5eva 

But now my feelings have to start coming into control as the knowledge that this time next year, I will be graduated becomes very real. I’ve had the best last day of year 11, which involved my favourite teachers doing the ALS ice bucket challenges, eating tons of food, being with my favourite people and teachers and of course, wasting time watching videos and singing along to our favourite High School Musical songs.

So farewell to another school year. And can I just say, YEAR 12 COME AT ME. MY MIND, BODY AND SOUL ARE READY.

And nothing is more perfect to end a beautiful day then a beautiful sunset:


xx Simi