I’m actually proud of myself right now. It’s shallow pride but whatever. Let my fickle human mind enjoy this minor success. It has been 23 hours without food. And I’m still going. I’ve got til 12 pm tomorrow when I finish 40 hour famine and I’m actually really happy with the way this is going. The barley sugar has been like my personal trainer, motivating me to keep going. It’s an incentive that yes i can do this and I honestly am so pumped. 


Adding more fuel to my happiness is of course the Bledisloe Cup. Two years ago, we went to watch the first match and I am an avid All Blacks supporter. I love the All Blacks and I always have. I’ve always been a traitor to the Aussies but whatever. All Blacks pride 5 eva. The matches are amazing, the All Blacks are on point from every freaking angle and I’m currently donned in black, chilling on the couch, waiting for coverage to start and the Haka to begin. And at this point, even if my some miracle the Wallabies win, I won’t even be mad. Because we all know that the All Blacks are forever the champions and the Wallabies will never come close. Sometimes the truth hurts. 


I’m so excited and I dont even know why all this happiness is in me. It could be from my afternoon run and Any Grammer blasting in my ears as I pump out my analysis and essays for the upcoming prelims. It could be that tomorrow is Janmashtami (Hindu festival) so when I break my fast, there will be the best food being prepared. My weekend is great. but I wish it were sunny. I miss the sun and my legs legit have a gradient in their level of tan-ness which needs to remove itself before spring. Curse my easily changing skin tone. 




xx Simi

Posted by:__simran_

Big dreams often come in small frames.

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