For Rwanda


I have about 4 and a half hours left of the 40 hour famine. I’m quite hungry and I think the water I drank kind of made me hungrier. If that’s possible. But being so close to my goal is motivating me and even though it’s only a tiny experience of what the Rwandans go through everyday, I think that feeling of knowing you’re hungry but you can’t eat has finally hit me. I know that after 12 pm today, I will be eating like normal. But that won’t stop the thoughts, feelings and experiences doing the 4o hour famine has led me on. I’ve realised that committing to the 40 hour famine has made my want to help children like Promesse (photo above) so they can eat, they can drink clean water and then they can be able to go to school and get a good education and leave the poverty cycle that grips generations.


I’ve seen the beauty of these children first hand. Every time we go back to India, the distinct poverty that greets me from outside the gated communities where my relatives live shocks me. We don’t see things like that in Australia. And it makes me extraordinarily sad. I remember one Christmas in India, we went around to the local orphanage to celebrate with the children. The children I was greeted with were all so joyful and happy, not to mention intelligent. It’s a fact that money = education. You don’t have the money, you don’t have an education. And for some of the smartest children, that means never being able to complete your education because you physically can’t. And here I am, in Sydney, with a comfortable house, electronics, fresh food and water, and access to a great education at one of the best all girls schools in Sydney. But I take everything for granted. I would like to do aid work and help the children. But then it’s also a fact that the children coming to me and begging in India don’t get the money for themselves or their families. That money goes to some sleazebag who’s basically running a slave trade.


This injustice that resides in places like Asia and Africa, where the distinct income inequality is visible makes me so sad. And the worst thing is that sometimes we can’t even help. 


Food for thought.


xx Simi 

Aww yes

I’m actually proud of myself right now. It’s shallow pride but whatever. Let my fickle human mind enjoy this minor success. It has been 23 hours without food. And I’m still going. I’ve got til 12 pm tomorrow when I finish 40 hour famine and I’m actually really happy with the way this is going. The barley sugar has been like my personal trainer, motivating me to keep going. It’s an incentive that yes i can do this and I honestly am so pumped. 


Adding more fuel to my happiness is of course the Bledisloe Cup. Two years ago, we went to watch the first match and I am an avid All Blacks supporter. I love the All Blacks and I always have. I’ve always been a traitor to the Aussies but whatever. All Blacks pride 5 eva. The matches are amazing, the All Blacks are on point from every freaking angle and I’m currently donned in black, chilling on the couch, waiting for coverage to start and the Haka to begin. And at this point, even if my some miracle the Wallabies win, I won’t even be mad. Because we all know that the All Blacks are forever the champions and the Wallabies will never come close. Sometimes the truth hurts. 


I’m so excited and I dont even know why all this happiness is in me. It could be from my afternoon run and Any Grammer blasting in my ears as I pump out my analysis and essays for the upcoming prelims. It could be that tomorrow is Janmashtami (Hindu festival) so when I break my fast, there will be the best food being prepared. My weekend is great. but I wish it were sunny. I miss the sun and my legs legit have a gradient in their level of tan-ness which needs to remove itself before spring. Curse my easily changing skin tone. 




xx Simi

Rainbow clouds

“clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add colour to my sunset”


Nature has the power to bring me back to reality. Away from the fallacies and unimportant insecurities, as well as stresses that grip me from day to day. If I could, I’d find a field and just lie down and watch the clouds move through the sky. Carefree in their flight to create shapes and fill the azure expanse with white contrasts. If I had the time.

Xo Simi

papaya boats

Yesterday morning I came home from tuition to see this:


It’s a papaya boat :O I was so excited when I saw this. It’s a papaya wedge slightly hollowed and filled with homemade muesli, walnuts, raspberries, strawberries and figs. I have the best sister in the world. Hands down. Her culinary prowess is just an extra 🙂

Xx Simi