Three months ago, news that Justin Timberlake was bringing to 20/20 experience down south came out. And my sister and I really wanted to go so she looked into getting tickets. She said that it’d be my 16th birthday present. The booking days came out and she tried to get tickets. What she told me was that all the tickets had sold out and that we could always go another time. What she didn’t tell me was that she had literally gotten the best seats in the house and now I’M GOING TO JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE.


I CANT EVEN BREATHE LIKE A HUMAN RIGHT NOW. ALL THE DETAILS CAME IN THE MAIL AND OH MY GOSH MY HEART AND MY LUNGS ARE SO TIRED. I HAVE THE BEST SISTER IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD. I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS IS MY 16TH PRESENT OMG. She told me on my birthday that she really wanted to go see him but I never once thought about making a connection and now I’m freaking going to Justin Timberlake. I can’t even. My sister is the most amazing person. And I’m not just saying it because she got me tickets to one of the hottest, sexiest stars in the music industry. I’m saying it because she’s truly one of a kind. She’s sweet, and helpful and incredible in every aspect. I really look up to my sister and I aim to be like the person she is. 


So on October first, I will be jamming my soul out to Justin Timberlake and I am so freaking excited.


xo Simi

Posted by:__simran_

Big dreams often come in small frames.

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