Eyeliner Woes

Eyeliner Woes

The struggle is real. It seems to be that I can do all parts of my face when with makeup except for my eyes. Eyeliner pains me because it is so dang difficult to apply. I don’t even understand how girls can wear that stuff all day everyday and just apply it and look flawless when I spend half an hour and look like a dang panda. I can’t even touch mascara because as per my friends’ calling, I have spider eyelashes so mascara on them lashes makes me look extremely scary. Eye shadow is something I just don’t understand. How on earth do you apply all this eye makeup with one eye closed and one doing all the inspection. Something’s bound to go wrong innit?

What amazes me is all the women going to work on a train or a bus who do their makeup on the train or the bus. Do they not fear a sudden jolt and then a disaster with the eyeliner happening? Or their mascara streaking awfully? I mean I can’t even apply eyeliner when I’m sitting down and stationary. I don’t get how people do it while on the go.

Women amaze me.

Finally the weekend!



It’s freaking freezing. It feels like minus 5 outside and I’m holed up in my bedroom literally dressed as a snowman. My thick ass sports trackies are tucked into my woolly socks which are conveniently worn to slide around the house. I’m wearing a thermal, full sleeves shirt, hoodie and everything is zipped to the top to conserve heat. My hair is out to conserve heat around my neck and my hood is up because I’m such a badass.


And yet I still smiled for the camera (Y)


Possibly the only good think that’s come out of today is the fact that my lips are nice and reddy pink which is favourable because one coat of lip balm and I’m good to go out. I like the natural look what can i say? 😉 


It’s been an unproductive day. I tried to write my short story but have been failing and instead have done nothing but snapchat, go on Facebook, watch the 2009 – 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows (2011 was my favourite), try not to freeze to death, practice some music and of course drink countless cups of tea. A part of me thinks I should live in England with the amount of tea I drink. 


Mum and dad went out to a friend’s house and bought back homemade apple and rhubarb pie which has probably been the other good think out of today. 



dat pie cutting skill. Don’t judge. My fingers were a minute away from falling off. 


Basically I’ve done nothing but watch videos and try not to freeze and do everything but work. YAY. But since it’s saturday, I’m going to stay up late and finish my bloody story before I demolish my mac in frustration. I can’t even. 


Anyways, I’m going to cry over the fact that the creative section of my brain has vanished into some hole and won’t resurface. The cruel world. 



xoxo Simi