Colton Haynes

That man is fine as ever. He’s so beautiful omg i can’t even. Him in Teen Wolf and him in Arrow and him just being damn fine. In fact, this is legitly what my friends and I get up to in chemistry. And we are doing chemistry. But the unconventional sort 😉








He’s a sexy person. I dont understand why boys can’t be this damn fine in Australia. 

Anyways, I’ve officially finished the first third of my prelims which is exciting and scary as shit because where is all the time going? Please come back to me honestly. It’s the Autumn holidays and alongside going out and catching up with my friends, I’ve got a million essays and stories to write which I can’t wait for because yes I am an English geek. 


My holidays are also going to be full of Indian traditions where I’m going to have to spend countless hours volunteering at the temple which I’m pretty excited for and then I have our annual Garba which is a huge traditional indian dance party and I can’t wait. 


The holidays are going to be so much fun. I honestly just feel more and more excited everyday. It’s going to be a massive mix of studying, going out, having fun, eating, working out and sleeping and the holidays couldn’t be more perfect.


To celebrate the cloudy days and cold weather, I decided to make a healthy brekkie after going for a 3 km run because while Winter is arriving and that means chocolate is more tempting, I need to stay fit and healthy. And so I slaved away in the kitchen to make homemade muesli and topped it with homemade yoghurt and organic raspberries. (Y)


Yay for healthiness 🙂 I plan to stay as fit as possible during the HSC so I dont have to work the kilos off for formal haha 🙂


Anyway, I hve to go shower now and head off to my grandparents’ place to help them unpack in their new house.


Have a fantastic morning, evening, day, night wherever you are!!


xox Simi


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Big dreams often come in small frames.

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