I like Sundays. They’re quite nice. It’s a great day to relax and catch up with family and have fun and actually not think about work. And while not thinking about work isn’t really possible with two assessments in the last week of school, I woke up to a beautiful day and was legitly bothered to whip up pancakes for the family. I made a lot of pancakes and its 7:40. Early starts are the best. The best thing about early starts are the photos you get. It’s been raining on and off in Sydney and I think rain washes off all the humanistic imperfections nature carries with it. At 7 am, the sky was so clear and beautiful and I cant even. Too much to handle in the morning.



Sydney skies are so pretty :’)




#botheredchild. Eggless buttermilk pancakes with organic Leatherwood honey from Tassie, homegrown blueberries and raspberries straight from the farm, courtesy of mum and dad’s saturday adventures 🙂

I can just tell sunday is gonna be heaps of fun. Even if that means having to learn a terms worth of American history for my modern history essay. But that’s ok 🙂 Have a wonderful day where ever you are 🙂


xo Simi 

PS: I couldn’t resist this cheeky selfie ish photo haha. Lighting was great 🙂 I could say I woke up like this, but then I’d have to be in bed and I don’t really follow photo trends tbh even if they’re initiated by Queen Bey. 



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Big dreams often come in small frames.

One thought on “Sunday Mornings :)

  1. I think I know what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow. With you being in Sydney, it’s like I can glimpse into the future!

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