Let me introduce modern society :’)

Third wave feminism:
A bunch of highschool-college aged girls on Tumblr that magnify feminism and legitimate social injustices as a platform for their own pretentiousness. They believe the root of their unhappiness is generally caused by men, sexual pop songs, humor, recognition of sexual gender, unattraction to overweight women and, somehow, attraction to overweight women. They spend their time tallying up self-righteousness points by being pedantic and stretching implications of societal and biological norms. (I.E. “Oh, you think I’m attractive? Like how my body’s attractive? My body which is just an physical thing? A physical thing like an object? An object which someone can own? And you can do to your possessions whatever you want? Like rape them? Fuck off, rapist.”)

Members of this movement will often try to stick as many of their cultural buzzwords into an argument as they can, such as, rape culture, cis, pansexual, consent, genderqueer, shitlord, white/male/thin privilege and variations of “does feminism threaten you?/do you feel threatened?” which is just the third wave feminist version of “u mad, bro?”

“Followers of Third Wave Feminism think Blurred Lines is about rape in the same way fundamentalist christians think Harry Potter is about being satanic.”
I can’t breathe right now. I don’t understand why I share the Earth with some people. This is too much to handle tbh. I’m going to go back to sleep and escape society’s cruelty as it unleashes people like this on those who actually have some sense about the world. I’m not saying I know everything, but farout mate that definition is just pushing it. 

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