random philosophical dramatics and the relaxation process during examination block

random philosophical dramatics and the relaxation process during examination block

After a stinking hot day at 31 degrees, it was storming all out for about one hour. and Through that one hour in the evening I was revising through my mountain of economics notes in preparation my upcoming exam. Anyway, the storm eased and even though it was 6:45 in the evening, the sky was still bright after all that rain. It was like the rain and storm washed away the muggy heat and sticky humidity that clung to each breath I inhaled. And as a I stared outside my window to give my eyes a break from looking at my screen, I realised the beauty of the sky. It reminded me of the free spirit of the sea with the clouds twisting and forming shapes in the unusually bright sky. It wasn’t beautiful. No it was a lot more than beautiful. I don’t think the word beautiful gives what I’m trying to say through my haze of textbooks and study and incoherence to comprehend the outside world at this given moment in time.

The sky was truly breathtaking. It reminded me that we as humans seek beauty in such materialistic crap when in reality, the beauty is right outside our window. But I must now get back to extension english as the storm rages on once more.


best political speech in Australia.

Senator Ludlam, I salute you. Best freaking speech in Australian politics. This should show Tony Abbott. 

I don’t even live in Western Australia and I can’t even vote, but in the upcoming bi-elections, my support will be behind this man. He is going to create change in our crappy parliamentary system that’s run my a man who considers himself a feminist but only has one woman in his front bench and made former Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s life hell by consistently berating her and also comparing her body to a meal from KFC. 

You go Senator Ludlam.